Dill-icious Crunch-Packed Pickle Back!

Amazingly, the true zest and essence of your country store pickle has been re-imagined into your favorite drinks: Bloody Pickle Mary anyone? Bloody Pickle Jalapeno Mary? Or, how about a Bloody Pickle Cactus Mary or Bloody Pickle Olive Mary?!

The beauty of all this is that the beauty truly is in the taste buds of the beholder. Beholding your own drink, of course. A Pickle-Quila Sunrise, Whisky Pickle Back, or Pickle-Assisted Martini? Well, why not?

Our American original, Bob’s Pickle Pops, the pickle juice popsicle, was an amazing success. But now, we’ve transcended the simple joy of the pickle juice pop and bring a tingling new experience to the adventurous spirits connoisseur.

Pondering the possibilities of these new, fresh, tangy concoctions had our mouths watering, so with the love of the traditional chilled country dill pickle firmly in mind, we tried our hand at a few of our favorite libation recipes using Bob’s PickleBack juice.

Boy, were we amazed…

First, the Whisky Pickle Back – whoever thought of this should get a medal (that would be us). For many imbibers, most whiskeys, with their burning aftertaste, can be a little hard to enjoy. But Bob’s PickleBack with its natural blended pickle juice actually made the taste soothing. We were able to enjoy the complexity found in a fine distilled whiskey, Jameson’s to be exact. The crisp, savory, and zesty flavor in the pickle juice was welcome in canceling what for us can only be described as a not particularly enticing whiskey aftertaste, a side effect that soda water never quite extinguishes.

Pickle-Tini – yes, the good ol’ Martini has now been introduced to a flavor that it was meant for.

Herbs and spices like thyme, dill, turmeric, and vinegar – these accompanying flavors remind you to savor every sip of your handmade drink. A treat for the nose and palate.

Bloody Pickle Mary – a no-brainer to say the least, but how to get the balance right? Not to worry. One shot of Bob’s PickleBack Juice (choose your flavor!) will make you the bartender they’ll rave about this weekend! A good Bloody Mary must have the taste of spicy summer, and BP juice has it, and then some.

The crunch of the pickle spears, the undertones of celery, and the hints of garlic and pimento; all with a complete and distinct lemony tart summer flavor. So, if you find the hints of pickle intoxicating, then you will find yourself craving more.

Our next challenge will be salads galore! Tuna, casseroles, quiche, and pastas. Enjoy and find delight in what you crave.